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Tips To Packing Your Kitchen Before A Move

Packing your entire kitchen up before moving house might prove one of the hardest parts of your relocation! You’ll be dealing with fragile glass wear, china, crockery, and kitchen appliances etc, all of which will have you on tenterhooks hoping you’ve done a good enough job to avoid any damage to your kitchen items! Here is a list of helpful hints on how to best pack up your kitchen belongings!Begin by investing in sturdy cardboard boxes. You can get these from nearly any moving company throughout London. Also get some strong brown packing tape and some old newspapers, or even bubble wrap for those more delicate and expensive kitchen utensils like your Kenwood chef or toaster! Consider getting both larger and smaller sized boxes, for you don’t want to over pack a large box with plates, making it too heavy to then move onto the moving van! Be sensible! Now if you decide to use second hand boxes to save on the expense of brand new cardboard boxes, be sure to double them up before placing your kitchenware inside. Tape one box inside another and this will give you the durability you need to safeguard your belongings from damage!Next up, you’ll need to get down to sorting through your kitchen cupboards, pantry and drawers. There’s no point in packing up items you won’t need and taking them to your new home with you. Be prepared to donate anything you haven’t used in years, as charities welcome kitchen appliances and utensils in good working order with open arms!While expensive, it is worth purchasing bubble wrap when packing up your kitchen, as any reliable removal service will tell you! If you are London removals to help with your furniture removals, you might as well as them to supply with the bubble wrap. Use this to wrap your glasses and mugs individually and even your smoothie-maker and other fragile kitchenware to avoid them breaking during your move. One tip when packing plates is to wrap them in newspaper and pack them vertically in the smaller boxes, as you would records. If there is any space left between your items in the boxes, why not stuff them with tea towels? Take your time when packing fragile items. Remember to also label the fragile boxes in bold lettering!This brings us to labelling your boxes! As you pack have a marker handy and label each box listing its contents. That way you’ll know which box to unpack first, or last in your kitchen. It will really make the unpacking process, which can also be extremely arduous, a whole lot easier! Another great method of labelling is to use colour coded stickers! For example use blue stickers for boxes containing glasses and mugs, red stickers for pots and pans etc. This is a much faster method than using a marker to write down your belongings. Keeping a moving checklist will also help!When it comes to packing your appliances such as blenders, an iron, kettle or microwave, first wrap them well in bubble wrap or towels before boxing and taping up! Cushion the boxes with crumpled up bits of newspaper to avoid them being banged around in the removal van! Empty our iron or kettle of any water!Finally, imperative to any move is to create box of essentials for the kitchen. Fill it with items you will need as soon as you’ve moved into your new home, like snacks, basic eating utensils, your coffee machine an kettle so you can enjoy a nice hot cup of tea when the hard labour is all done!