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About Us

Chelsea Removals have been operating in the Chelsea area for a decade now, bringing our highly efficient, driven team into homes and businesses to help with removals projects that come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Having specialised in corporate and private projects across London, we now have expanded our range to help the many people and businesses looking to move farther afield, whether it is to another point in the UK or somewhere else on the continent.

The measure of a company is often how closely their ethos and business model tallies with the testimonials that it receives, so have a look at what Jean Saunders had to say about our work earlier this month on 24th January 2013.

“Brilliant, high quality services. No hidden costs after your initial quote. No lies. Just a straight talking, honest and really hard working bunch of people. Thanks for all the help.”

The delight for us is that this assessment covers all the areas that we looked to set ourselves aside from the competition when we first set up shop 10 years ago. We have always maintained that our services are second to none and to have it validated from outside is something that we take immense pride in. Whether it is our packing services, our storage solutions, our cleaning team, or simply our basic removals service, we set out to offer a premium service from planning right through to execution and as you can see, we are achieving it.

The fact that there are no hidden costs is particularly important to us. We pride ourselves on our transparency with our customers from the moment we give you our free quote. It seems like a simple thing, but when money is tight there are surprisingly few people who follow our lead in this, and it is something that our customers have appreciated from the moment we opened our doors.

However, the most important thing for us and for you is the service itself. Moving house is a process which it is very easy to overcomplicate, and while we do invest heavily in equipment and - in particular - highly secure modern vehicles, so we will always be getting the basics done well, quickly and efficiently. This is why you know that whoever you open your door to will have undergone a strenuous application process, not only designed to ensure that they are up to the physical demands of this job, but also to be absolutely certain that they buy into the ethos of our company.

There are two words which Mrs Saunders used which sum up this ethos. “Honest” and “Help” are two ideas which cannot function without the notion of respect. As part of our extensive training program, people are taught from the very beginning the importance of respecting no only our  customers themselves, but their families and coworkers, their possessions, and the buildings they are either leaving behind or coming to.

So whether you are after a company to help you move the contents of your flat from Chelsea to Kensington, or if you are after a company to help your business move from the heart of London to somewhere in Europe, you can get the same experience that Jean had by calling our friendly call centre team today.