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Tips on How to Make a Successful Moving Insurance Claim

Removals companies generally offer insurance with their service. But you would have to invest on a more comprehensive moving insurance coverage especially if you have expensive items. This way, you can be compensated for any loss or damage of your belongings due to the move.

In order to make a claim successfully, you have to prepare the paperwork. This includes the policy and the other supporting documents. You may need your inventory sheet and the receipt of service where the mover's signature and your signature are affixed.

Of course, you should also know the deadline for filing a claim. Otherwise, you could forfeit your right to make the claim. Your insurance policy would be useless then. For instance, most insurance policies require you to make the claim within 9 months from the moving date. And when you file the claim, have it received and signed by the insurance company.

You should also know how much you will be able to claim even as before you buy insurance. But while making a claim you can recheck exactly how much you will get. A good insurance policy would give you as much as you have paid for. They could cost you a lot more money. But when it you need it, you would be grateful when you need it.