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Preparing your Colliers Wood home for viewings

When selling your home in Colliers Wood, you can expect to have some viewings on your home.  This entails prospective buyers coming into your house and taking a good look around to decide whether or not they like it.  As you are trying to sell your home, you will want to make as good an impression on buyers as is possible, the more they like the property and the better condition it is in, the more they are likely to offer you for your home. There are plenty of things that you can do to prepare your home, most of these are free and fairly simple, you can do them al yourself and it will make your home more welcoming to perspective buyers:•    Tidy the front garden, this is the first thing that a buyer will see, and first impressions do count for something.  Cut the grass, de-weed the flower beds, clean the drive and pathway, trim any bushes, and if you have some spare money consider adding some attractive and brightly coloured plants and flowers. •    Look at the front of your house from your garden, is there anything you could do to make it look tidier, for example, does it have plants growing in the guttering, are the outside of the windows or window sill dirty, could the front door do with a re-paint etc.•    Before the arrival of an expected viewing, go into your front garden for a last minute check for things like rubbish that may have blown there, or a plant that may have been dug up by a local cat. •    The Kitchen should be spotless, it should look extremely clean and germ free. To prepare, completely de-clutter the kitchen, clean everything in your kitchen, all surfaces, all appliances such as cooker, washing machine etc. the floors, the ceiling, the light and even the ceiling fan.  On the day of the viewing re-clean all of your surfaces and floors and wipe over all of the appliances on show.  Avoid having any of your kitchen appliances running during the viewing as the noise not welcoming at all. •    Downstairs will need to be completely de-cluttered, the living areas are supposed to be clutter free and welcoming to anyone viewing the house. Clean all of the surfaces and the floors, wipe over any mirrors and ensure the ceiling and light are dust free.  Avoid having any family photographs on show to allow the viewer to better picture themselves living there, exchange these for pieces of art or landscape photos. If you have dogs or cats, try to remove the presence of these in the home as much as possible, store away bowls and bedding.  If you have children, put away as many of their toys as you can. •    Thoroughly clean your bathroom, de-clutter, clean the toilet, sink, bath, shower and all taps, mirrors, tiles and grouting. Replace towels with fresh ones, preferably matching ones if you are putting out more than one. Buy some fancier looking hand wash. •    Tidy up the bedrooms, make sure all the beds are made and they all have fresh linen. De-clutter the rooms, put all clothing either away or in the wash, clean all floors and wipe over all surfaces.  •    Ensure that there is plenty of natural lighting throughout the home, so make sure all curtains and blinds are opened.  Make sure the temperature in the house in nice, not too hot or cold, and ensure that the house smells nice, you don’t have to go as far as to bake fresh bread, but a nice air freshener make a nice touch.