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Packing - Alternatives To Cardboard Boxes For Transporting Items

While it's advisable to have ample cardboard boxes on hand ahead of any effort in packing, you might begin with looking at storage containers elsewhere should you not have the cardboard boxes at hand already.Packing boxes is the single best technique in dividing your home across specific departments before lining a typical removals van.   Below is a list of things that can contain items both safely and neatly. Some of these things may not spring to mind initially, so start thinking outside the box from this point in, pun intended.1 – The dirty washing basketWhile some dirty washing baskets may be a bit flimsy, a lot of people favour boxed compartments nowadays. Such containers tend to have solid and protective sides fit for carrying all sorts of items.  Since it's not ideal to be transporting existing dirty clothes in the basket, due to any smell the clothes might contribute, remove all garments from the basket before washing the interior sheet should you deem it necessary. Generally speaking, store items of compatibility in the dirty washing basket. For example, group likeminded things together like kitchen appliances. Baskets with internal padding are especially good for storing things like toasters, kettles, microwaves and toasted sandwich makers etc. So start  here if necessary. Should your dirty washing basket have a lid, be sure to fasten it shut once you have packed items in.2 – A bicycle helmetBelieve it or not, something as small as a bike helmet is great in that it will support smaller items and already features a fastening device to strap everything in neatly and tightly. Having already isolated kitchen appliances in our example above, consider that smaller kitchen pieces will fit easily into an adult size bike helmet. Simply place things like salt grinders, pepper grinders, tomato ketchup bottles, small size oil and vinegar bottles and even portable water heating devices into the helmet.   Repeat this trick across items elsewhere like those in the bathroom. The modest size of things like shampoo and conditioner bottles makes them easy to sit in an adult size bike helmet. Should any items not fit exactly, the great thing about a bike helmet is that it doesn't require a lid to hem everything in – the strap simply needs to be fastened securely enough. For this reason, you could even place large soda drink bottles into the helmet, even when part of the bottle protrudes out over the side – provided the item is fastened securely, it won't fall out.
 3 – Pillow casesAnother less obvious candidate, pillow cases are often overlooked as really useful containers. Should you be moving a lot of pillow cases out, use all excess material to 'double-bag' where necessary, for added protection across items. In any case, avoid carrying fragile pieces via a pillow sheet since they will require firmer padding. This said, a pillow case is great for carrying items like  folded tea towels, sealed packets of food, spare shoes pre-wrapped in a plastic bag and indeed kids' toys. Furthermore, it helps to know that pillow cases are a much sturdier alternative to small supermarket bags as these rip too easily under moderate weight.
 4 – Christmas stockingsEssentially the senior equivalent of a pillow case, larger sized Christmas stockings are great in transporting items, so don't throw any of these away ahead of moving. These larger containers are great across moving things like clothes, pillows, cushions, sofa cushions, and even large curtains that have been unhooked.    5 – Sleeping bagsAn even more senior equivalent to both the pillow case and the Christmas stocking, sleeping bags are great because of their size and their ample padding. In this case, feel free to pack more solid items like small portable whiteboards, mirrors with frames, and small fold-down tables etc. 6 – Other boxesIn short, utilise all other decent sized boxes in your home across packing items, provided they have protective enough padding.