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How To Move Your Furniture With Ease

Sometimes when you’re getting ready to move, it can be easy to forget just how much stuff you actually have. As more often than not, not only are there the heavy books, piles of clothes and kitchen utensils to move, there are also the more bulky items such as tables, chairs, sofas and wardrobes to manoeuvre. And while you may think that they will all be easy enough to move, it can often be more awkward and difficult than you ever thought possible. Narrow hallways, framed doorways and the dreaded staircases can all play their part, as can the sheer weight or size of your furniture pieces. Before you embark on any moving process it is important that you know how to move heavy or bulky items safely. For starters, remember to always start lifting with bent knees, and that you always lift heavy items with the help of friends or professionals. Lifting with straight legs or by yourself could lead to short-term back strains or more lasting damage. If you’re carrying things to the removal van then also remember to take many rest breaks along the way to make sure that you don’t overdo things before you’re fully moved. Wherever possible, furniture should also be taken apart prior to the move to help reduce its size and weight. Legs can be taken off chairs and tables, doors can be taken off cupboards, and headboards can be taken off beds. Having smaller pieces of furniture can also help with the lifting and carrying process and can even help you to save space on the removals van. Remember to put the relative screws, nuts and bolts in carefully labelled bags to prevent them from getting mixed up or lost before you get to your new home. Professional packaging materials are also an ideal way of protecting your furniture from damage during the move. Sharp corners should be protected to prevent chips, surfaces should be covered to prevent scratches, while any doors and draws should be securely fastened before you try to move. If you don’t properly cover your furniture then you could end up with multiple marks from bumps and scrapes along the way, and may even damage furniture beyond repair. If you have lots of stairs or narrow hallways in your home then moving bulky furniture can be problematic. If it can’t be taken apart then planning a route through the house can save you a lot of time and energy. Measure your furniture, doorways, hallways and windows carefully; if there’s not enough room then you may need to remove door frames, windows or bannisters to make the process easier. For heavy or valuable items, it may be necessary to seek help from professional movers who have extensive moving experience. Not only will they fasten items securely where necessary, they will also put a moving strategy in place to ensure that your furniture makes it out of your house, onto the moving van and into your new home in on piece. So before you start to move any of your heavy, bulky or valuable pieces of furniture remember to take a few simple steps. Learn suitable lifting techniques, take furniture apart where possible, invest in professional packing materials, plan a moving strategy and seek help from specialists where necessary. By taking heed of these simple steps you are sure to de-stress your day and to make your move go without any unwanted problems or delays. So don’t leave the success of your moving day up to chance, when with a little bit of forward thinking you can make it a real success.