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Getting Larger Furniture Moved From The House To The Removal Van Is A Challenge

If you are not using a House removals company, or if your home removals service is a smaller one that requires you to be involved, then moving the larger items may be a bit daunting. You need to prepare yourself for the challenge ahead, and if you are in a good position to get things done effectively, then you will no doubt find that you are able to do the whole move with a fair degree of ease and efficiency. Moving the larger items in the house is by far the hardest part of the domestic removal as a whole, so be sure to do it properly and you should not have any real problems whatsoever. Have a look through the following case studies for items in the home which may cause you trouble, whether you are using a man with a van hire, or a removals service, getting these things moved or in to self storage will be a nightmare!Pianos are perhaps the heaviest thing that you will find in a home removal. Aside from perhaps marble furniture which is much rarer, a piano will form a fair bit of trouble for those trying to move it. If the piano is one that is played regularly, then it should really be moved by piano movers, as shifting such an object can cause it to become unplayable, given that the inner workings are so delicately tuned. Any piano that is moved will need tuning, no matter who moves it however. If you do not play it, or are getting rid of it, then it can be the case that you want to move it yourself. You need to have some sort of trolley or wheels to move an upright, as lifting and walking with a piano can be extremely tough. Wear lifting gloves, as they have a grippy surface which will help your hands stick, and be sure to read up on safety guides for lifting such heavy items. A piano has a completely iron framework, and this is where the trouble starts! For situations where the piano cannot be rolled, you need to have sheets at the ready to protect the item and its surroundings, so that you are not damaging either throughout the removal. You will need to have a person at each end, and to take the process extremely slowly, so that no one is rushed into anything that they can’t handle. It may be worth changing round the person in each position so that the process does not just tire a select few people out. Triple wardrobes may not be that heavy, but in terms of the difficulty in moving them, the width of a triple will make things extremely difficult. You will find that taking the thing round corners will be the mainstay of the difficulty, and it may be that the wardrobe needs to be tipped into stranger positions before it will go around certain angles. You will no doubt find that you can achieve these angles with enough people involved, just be sure that no one is taking all of the weight at any one time. Use the weight of the wardrobe to balance it in its positions when you can’t take the strain. A sack barrow will actually help a lot with maneuvering the thing, because it will cushion the corner that is closest the ground, meaning that one person only need hold it in place, which does not take that much effort. It is much better to assess the situation before moving it, and measuring out the possibilities with a tape measure rather than simply having a crack at it will prevent any nasty accidents!