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They didn't just move our boxes; they helped us unpack everything. Their initiative and effort were much appreciated. Thank you for a great job.

  • Tina E

They treated our belongings with care and respect, which meant a lot to us as homeowners.

  • Emily N.

The movers were incredibly friendly and their removal service was top-notch.

  • Leslie J.

We were thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of Chelsea Movers during our office move to another city.

  • B. Cadogan

Thank you, Moving Chelsea, for making my move a seamless and stress-free experience.

  • Marcus T.

We are so thankful to Removals for making our large house move stress-free and easy.

  • Violet

The dedication and hard work of these movers deserve all the appreciation and recognition.

  • Luka

If you want a hassle-free move, choose this removal company. Their organization was prompt and efficient, while the team on moving day was simply outstanding - friendly, careful, and quick.

  • Jonty Gardiner

My items were delivered swiftly and securely to a very secluded area without any issues.

  • Ian Luna

So far, my interactions have been very positive in regards to communication and customer support.

  • Danny F.

Hiring this removal company was a breeze; they were reputable, proficient and they stuck to our budget.

  • Gary Jenkins

Movers were flexible and their team took to my house removals job at short notice. It was a top service, and hopefully one that I'll be enjoying again.

  • Jane G.

Booked with Removal Firm for a move to the other side of town and their man and van was absolutely superb for the job. They were cheap and worked fast and efficiently. Great job!

  • Ben H.

I'm very satisfied with how my move went last week. The team at ChelseaRemovals ensured that the transition from my old house to my new home went without any problems and in a very short time. Highly recommend.

  • Ed Handley

Having heard lots of bad stories about dodgy man and van companies I thought I should do my bit to help people find a good one. Moving Chelsea offered me a great package at short notice to help with my move and even helped me to dismantle my large pieces of furniture. Was going to try and manage things on my own but I'm glad now that I booked in with the professionals. I wouldn't think twice about using this firm again - it might be more expensive than going it alone but it's much, much easier!

  • Alex S.

As a student I don't really have the funds to pay for expensive removal services, which meant that last year I had the worst moving day of my life when I tried to move on my own. This year I wanted things to be different so I shopped around for removal companies that offered affordable student services. I chose Moving Chelsea because they seemed very professional whilst still being inexpensive, and I found the help of their movers' to be invaluable when I moved. I had lots of help, a great moving vehicle and it all came within my budget. Thanks so much!

  • Charles L.

Knowing full well the kind of difficulties that you face during a larger removal, we figured it would be best to get a proper company involved this time. Moving Chelsea made the whole thing look very easy, and had given us a great price on the job, which made for a pretty great removal all round really! In some ways, I was a little apprehensive about the low price, but it turned out to be absolutely fine in the end!

  • Stephanie Brown

If you have not discovered the delights of using a decent removals company for an international removal, then you need to try out Moving Chelsea. They made everything so much easier for me and my family that I could not quite believe it! For a very reasonable price, they got us completely and safely moved over to our new place in Germany, and I could not find a single thing to fault them on! It was excellent all round, and I was very happy to have found the company when I did. Great work.

  • Roy D.

Moving Chelsea were our first choice to help with a recent house move after a friend recommended their services. I've been living alone for a while so I don't really have a huge amount of possessions which need to be moved in order to get into a new home but that's why their man in a van option was perfect for me. We managed to get everything moved in a morning and I was more than happy with the money which I saved. I'll definitely give them a call next time I need to move or friends need to move.

  • Rose Newman

When my husband lost his job and we couldn't manage our mortgage payment s our house got repossessed, this was extremely stressful and not only did we struggle to find a place to live but also we worried about the fate of our household contents. Thanks to Moving Chelsea we managed to see the light, they offered us an affordable storage solution and they took care of everything. At least we have a little breathing space now and do not have to worry about buying all new when we do finally get a place of our own again, thanks so much!

  • Gabriela S.

Got stood up at the very last minute by a firm I am currently in the process of suing! Thankfully, I managed to find another mover who could pick up the slack with only a few hours' notice - Moving Chelsea. They were politeness personified and really helped me out, I don't know what I would've done if it wasn't for them! Not only were they willing to work without warning, they were willing to work on a Sunday and a Bank Holiday! No one else we spoke to could be bothered, and most weren't even open for business!

  • Mary C.

Having only moved with my family before, I was a little daunted by mu first solo move last month. However, having told Moving Chelsea that it was my first, I was well looked after. The guys from the team showed me exactly how I should go about it, and ensured that I was never at any risk of messing up under their guidance. I was surprised by how cheap it all was as well, given how thorough the job was. It's rare to find a kind hearted company who give you a decent rate for a great job, but that's exactly what I got!

  • Chelsea O.

Me and the rest of the Powell clan were super happy with how the recent move went. We had a load of stuff that needed to be moved to our new place which was a long way away, and then there was a fair amount that needed to go to storage, etcetera. I was happy to have found Moving Chelsea to help us with the move, and to ensure that nothing got on top of us, as they were really good at organizing the whole thing. No damages to speak of, and an easy move over all, to ensure that we got to our new place as happily as we should have!

  • Corey Powell

I had a really easy moving day thanks to Moving Chelsea. I wanted to hire a man with a van because I needed a removal vehicle that could fit everything in, and a strong pair of hands to help me with my furniture. The company were really helpful and the mover himself was very friendly, very chatty but also incredibly professional and efficient. The move went off without a single thing going wrong - which is very rare in my past experience with removal companies! The prices are really good for the quality of service too, so I really would use them again!

  • James

Wanted to say that Moving Chelsea were a really big help when it came to our last move and I hope that other people can go on to benefit from their services. We've had a few moves in the past, but nothing can come close to matching these guys. From the very first phone call, when they gave us a great quote, we knew we had made the right choice and that proved to be the case. When it came to moving day, they were nothing but the very best professionals we could have hoped for: great service.

  • Linda

Why is it so hard to move home? I mean, Moving Chelsea made it look so easy that I'm now looking back over every last time I moved and I'm wondering why I put up with such terrible service back then. Not this time, this time I was treated like royalty and all of my possessions were handled with the utmost care, without sacrificing efficiency. And the price was really good as well, so now I'm amazed that it's this easy to move home without having to spend so much. Great service, this is what all removals should be like.

  • Tammy Powell

When I first spoke to Moving Chelsea, I told them that in order to minimise the upheaval on my family I wanted them to take care of as much of the move as possible. They said they could pack and unpack as well as move everything, and I took them up on that offer. What a whirlwind of an experience that was! Just amazing; one team turned up to pack everything in a matter of hours, then another team turned up to lift it all into their removal van and out again on the other side. We didn't lift a finger! They unpacked and even took the boxes away with them! Brilliant.

  • Mycroft

I could not have managed my recent office and house removal were it not for my favourite movers; Moving Chelsea. Yes, you can have a favourite removal firm, even though this is the first time I have found myself so enamoured with any type of moving service provider! What swayed my opinion is the quick effortless way in which this 3 man crew handled my packing, moving and then setting up everything in my new home and office with one single appointment. They understood my stress about getting my office up and running quickly and sure enough; without missing a beat my new office was ready for use. A definite “must-have” on every one's removals list.

  • Jordan Oldham

Once I'd started packing for my house move it became very clear that I had far too many boxes to move using my own car. Even though my car's pretty big, it was just nowhere near the size that I needed to move as quickly and as easily as I was hoping to! Moving Chelsea is a removals company that I found out about online, and I called them in the hope that they'd have a removal vehicle that would be perfect for all of my boxes. I wasn't disappointed and I hired a van that was ideal and not too expensive either! Thanks!

  • Millie M.

Moving house is tough, but having a great removals company on your side will doubtless make the whole thing a lot less of a stress. I recently used Moving Chelsea to do a removal, and they were such a great help! Their excellent team of staff got me moved in an easy and efficient way, that I would have been lost without! I don't know the first thing about moving house, so it was really nice to have a well-mannered and skilled team on board. If you are looking for a company that can get you moved easily and with a smile, you need only pick up the phone to them!

  • Mildred Moore

Thank you so much to the staff at Moving Chelsea who provided an excellent home removal service. They were professional and reliable at all times and truly understood how important an organized move was to me. They were able to quickly and diligently pack all my belongings and wrap oversize furniture that could not be packed in boxes. The unloading process was simple because all the belongings were organized by room in the boxes. I couldn't recommend them more highly. Their service is simply unmatched. Thanks for the professional job!

  • Zeke W.

Getting everything packed up in time for the removal date was a seriously difficult prospect, so I got a removals company who supplied a packing service to work on it all while I was at the office. Moving Chelsea were great, and pretty affordable as well, so I knew I could get a good job done for my budget. The actual packing went fine, as all I needed to do was tell them the basics of where I wanted things, and left them to it! Everything made it to the new house in one place, and now I have a lot of unpacking to do!

  • Marsha Sharp

I was seriously happy with my recent removal with Moving Chelsea, as they really did make sure that nothing was at risk, and treated the boxes and furniture like they were their own possessions. The move went really smoothly, and we were all moved in particularly easily, with no upset whatsoever! To be honest, it's sad, but that was more than I could have ever hoped for from a move, as I have had such a hard time with them previously. So, top marks to the team, and to the company as a whole, thank you so much!

  • Nancee Bob

I hope that people will take my advice and book Moving Chelsea for their removals. I have used them for every single one of my moves, as unfortunately there have been rather a few over the last six years. Every time has been the same; the team will do their utmost to ensure that I am in the know about what is going on, and everything is treated with a great deal of respect, from boxes to furniture, as well as the properties. I would suggest that anyone looking for a high quality removal call them post haste!

  • M. Watson

Seriously good value from the team over at Moving Chelsea. We had a big move on our hands, and given that we are downsizing for cost reasons, I was pretty terrified as to how much it was going to mean I had to shell out. Fortunately the cheapest company seemed to do a much better job than I'd ever hoped, as nothing seems to be damaged, and all went to plan. The staff are all very pleasant, and there were no issues on our side whatsoever, so a great bit of work all round, thank you!

  • Jake

Given that I'm pretty good with my hands, I didn't expect much from a bunch of removals men who tend to charge masses for a job that I could have done with my mates, but given that my mates weren't around, and I had cut my finger on a job the month before, I thought I'd give them a go. Moving Chelsea were a good bunch in all honesty. They made light work of some heavy furniture, and sorted it all in to the van in no time. My wife was worried about everything getting smashed, but it was totally fine, and the price was alright as well.

  • M. Rollinson

The people at Moving Chelsea were really supportive of me during our recent move. I had been left in charge of organizing the whole thing and was feeling a little daunted (not that I let anyone know this). The team made sure that I was fully informed at all times, and helped with making decisions, but ran everything past me at all times. There was nothing to worry about as they had it all under control, but I was completely in the loop as well, so thank you to all that helped out in making the move a success.

  • Manuel Delgado

When I was moving into my new cottage, one of the things that really concerned me was getting heavy furniture into the house as some of the doorways are old and very narrow. The removal staff at Moving Chelsea were fantastic! They were able to lift, rotate and manoeuvre everything very quickly and get it all into the house without any trouble. I was particularly concerned that things would be ruined if they were dismantled but they did it all safely and put everything back together again for me afterwards. I would definitely recommend this fabulous removal service!

  • Elsie Kent

After having booked my removals service with Moving Chelsea admittedly rather last minute, I then managed to sleep in on removals day itself! The poor team had been waiting for me patiently outside. I felt awful but on the plus side I really must tell you that they did a marvellous job from start to end. If they were annoyed with me making them wait they did not show it; they just got straight on with the job in hand with a smile and a joke. Their positive attitudes and efficient work mean that I will definitely be booking them again if I ever need to. That's if you'll have me - I promise I'll be better prepared next time!

  • Alex Townend

Moving with Removals was affordable and convenient. I was scheduling a home move but I work from home and so needed to have time for my own work. But Removals were great. They scheduled the move around my own busy routine and I was able to keep organized while executing the home move. They gave me important advice throughout the moving process about travel arrangements and other aspects of the move. They were also friendly and affordable so I would definitely recommend them for any move.

  • Anthony Talbot

Thanks to the team at Moving Chelsea I am now comfortably moved into my new home. I had spend so much time looking for the appropriate moving company as I was moving long-distance and needed a team with experience. I had a lot of valuable objects that I needed specialty wrapped. They ensured me that all would be safe during the transport process and they were absolutely right. They were honest and had the expertise and equipment to execute the move. I couldn't recommend them more for professional removal services.

  • Julia F.

I couldn't have asked for a better removal service. From the moment I called Moving Chelsea to the final unloaded box, they provided the highest quality service. I needed to move apartments and I had so many things to pack and store. They gave me crucial advice about storage options and helped pack my belongings to ensure they were safe during transport. They were extremely efficient and got everything moved on time. They were extremely considerate and reliable and worked great as a team. Great job!

  • Clara O.

I cannot thank Moving Firm enough for their excellent removal service to my new home. I was worried about the stress of the move, that my belongings would get lost of something might break. But they were wonderful! They were professional and helped me and my family out through all stages of the move. We worked together to arrange a moving schedule that suited my family. I definitely recommend Moving Firm for any home or apartment move! They are professional, reliable and affordable!

  • Charles Farry

I was helping a friend of mine move home but we soon found that we weren't up to the task. I had received the help of ChelseaRemovals before so I knew they could assist us. Within a day, we knew much more about the move and had a skilled team helping us. The movers know how to pack and carry items quickly and safely and got every box to my friend's new home. This is the second time they have helped me and I know there will at least be a third.

  • Paul Finch

I have always wanted to move abroad but was worried about the hard work involved. I called Moving Chelsea to get some advice and an idea of what I had to do. They showed me what to do and how easy it can be so I was much more confident about things. I became more excited when they told me about their services, how they could securely pack my belongings, carry them onto their vehicles, ship them aboard, help with paperwork, offer storage and much more. What was once a dream soon became a reality because of all the hard work they put in for me.

  • Terry Langley

The people at Moving Firm impressed me immensely. Never before have I encountered people so eager to do their job ell. Everyone I spoke with was professional, experienced, skilled and hardworking. They completed every job, task my removal necessitated, and did so in a pleasant manner. I thought move would be a tough time but they proved how pleasurable it could be. From their operators to their movers, every one of them helped give me a great transition to my new address.

  • Dawn Hargreaves

I was making a long move from Scotland to London and so I knew I wouldn't be able to handle the move myself. I needed the wrap my goods up securely before the journey so they would be safe throughout and I couldn't transport everything just in my car. I learned about Moving Chelsea and called them for some help and they gave me everything I needed. They ensured that my possessions were packed properly and their vehicles were able to get everything to my new address, on time and intact. I'm starting my new life with everything I need, thanks to them.

  • Moira

After a divorce, I was moving to a new home alone. I didn't know who to turn to in order to get things done but my sister recommended Moving Chelsea. I called them up and they were supportive and knowledgeable, allowing me to learn more about the process. I was impressed by all the aid when they packed and transported all my things, as everything was safe and clean upon arrival. They were there for me every step of the way, leaving no job undone. I was able to live in my new home in no time, all because of them and their fine service.

  • Selina

I never thought it was possible to have an easy removal but Removals proved me wrong. From the moment I called them, everything became easier and I was and my removal was a guaranteed success. They were hard working and dedicated to being me, which meant all my goods were safely packed and transported. They sought my permission before doing certain steps, answered my questions and took my needs as priority, allowing the move to match my requirements. I got the best service possible because I called them and you can too, just by getting in touch.

  • Rachel G.

I had been planning to move home for years so when I finally got the chance I was excited. However, this didn't last long as I soon found myself struggling to get everything done. I thought I'd be able to get all my packing done in a day or two but I was almost a week and hadn't made any process. I was hoping to transport everything myself but this was looking less likely with each box. I decided to contact Moving Firm in hopes of some advice but before I knew it I had a skilled team in my home who swiftly wrapped and boxed all my goods and had them driven to my new address. I wish I had called them sooner.

  • Joan M.

When I was moving from my parent's house to my own home, I had too many things to handle myself so I called Moving Chelsea. For the removal, they recommended their Man and Van service, in which a skilled individual would handle everything. I was apprehensive at first but they came and packed all my things carefully and swiftly. They were able to carry every box and even my furniture outside and drive them to my new address. If they could do all of this for me with just one person, they can easily help with any move, no matter how big or small.

  • John Q.

ChelseaRemovals was the company that helped me move home! I have used this removal company on many occasions and am more and more impressed every time they complete a service. There is nothing that is too difficult for them. They deal with each and every service in such a professional manner that one cannot help but to appreciate all their hard work. The enthusiasm is shared amongst the whole team which keeps spirits high and risen. Keep up the good work fellas, you've done ChelseaRemovals proud once again!

  • Jorja D.

Perfection! That is what a removal service offered by Moving Firm is! Last month I was standing knee deep in boxes trying to figure out how the hell I am going to make it across the ocean in a mere 4 weeks. Now here I am 4 weeks on, sitting on the balcony soaking in the sun and getting ready to start my life abroad. This is all thanks to Moving Firm. Had it not been for your hardworking staff who put their all into my removal, I would still be stuck in a pile of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap!

  • Jerome J.

There are some companies that offer more than one service. I always noticed that most companies were great at providing one service, but not another. However, this theory of mine was easily eradicated when I had the privilege of hiring Moving Chelsea for my removal needs which involved the use of more than one service. Staff was consistent throughout and completed all services on time and at a great quality. I would never think about using another company, since this one is absolutely PERFECT!

  • Marion Thomas

ChelseaRemovals is a company that have been used by me and numerous family members of mine. We all feel the same when we say that ChelseaRemovals are a credit to removal companies in every way, shape and form. On every occasion, they have left us smiling and feeling great about our removal. This shows that they are not just one track ponies but are consistent and thorough, which is exactly what is expected from a removal company. All of the staff involved with the removal was polite, friendly and eager to help. Thank you ChelseaRemovals.

  • Nora Y.

Moving house is stressful! But we were forced to move to a new area because of my partner's job and with 3 kids it is not easy. There is a lot of stuff to sort out with this kind of transfer. But, Moving Firm were just brilliant and did everything from the boxing and packaging as I just didn't have the time. The whole service from Moving Firm was brilliant and worth every penny we paid. Excellent job guys.

  • Sonya

Like most people we hate moving, but in this day and age we had to for work! After using a selection of removals in the past we came across Removals so opted to try them out. The company had a truly professional manner from getting a cost, fixing a date as well as the removal itself. Removals have a great team of staff and they did a fantastic job, everything of ours got to its new destination with no hassle. Thanks a lot I would happily pass on your details in the future.

  • Karen Smith

For my office move, three weeks ago, I used Removals. Well, their office removal service was just brilliant. I was, I admit, slightly concerned about the welfare of my expensive office equipment, but thankfully, the team of movers handled it with utter care so nothing got scratched or damaged in any way. It was a relief. All in all, I was more than satisfied with the service provided to me and would certainly hire them again for their removal services.

  • Jill Lister

I would like to say a massive thank you to the whole team at ChelseaRemovals for all your help and hard work. The last time I moved it was a nightmare and the company I used wasn't at all professional in any way. You really restored my faith in moving companies and I'm glad that I've finally came across a removals company that is not only excellent in terms of their service but that also possesses a team of superb staff. Most of the time, the employees are usually slack and lazy. The team at ChelseaRemovals, however, couldn't have been more opposite. Thanks a lot!

  • Janet Ashwell

The last moving company I used was terrible. It wasn't so much the customer service as it was the team of movers. The movers were awful in every aspect. They arrived late, let me do all the unloading, and once everything was unloaded, added on an extra charge for something or other. What I love about Removal Firm is that there is one fixed price and no added prices at the end of moving day. I'm so glad and so very thankful that I've found this company after using such terrible ones previously.

  • Richard P.

After years living in rented we had accumulated a lot of stuff. So, finally being able to afford to buy a house me and my wife we had the extra cost of a removal company to move all of the things we had. A workmate suggested Moving Firm as they had used them and thought the costs were good. So I called them and they gave me a quote, which we were very pleased with. Removal day went without any hitches, and Moving Firm did an expert job, and there were no breakages and everything arrived safe at our new home.

  • Steve Podds

I use Moving Chelsea all the time and I have to say, they still treat me like a new customer. I love the fact that they treat their clients with respect. They don't just act nice until you pay your money. They support you and lend you advice throughout the move. And if you have any questions, customer service is always willing and reading to answer them. I think it is hard to find a suitable removals company you can trust. That's why I'm so glad I found Moving Chelsea. They are an excellent company that I highly recommend to anyone seeking a good service at a good price.

  • Jake T.

This is the second time I have went with ChelseaRemovals and to be honest, I can't believe how good they are. They still treat me as well as they did the first time I used them and it is because of this maintained professionalism, that I would use them again and again. I don't have any complaints about them at all. They have been good to be right from the start and I hope you will be just as happy with them as I am. I've recommended them to all my family and friends. They are great.

  • Nina Wright

Moving can be very stressful, as you very well know, so if you manage to find a company that makes it much less hectic, you'll be lucky. When I came across Moving Firm, I knew I had found my ideal removals company right from the very beginning. Customer service was great. The lady I spoke to was very helpful and answered all my questions. She even created a personalized moving schedule for me which I thought was amazing. This was a great first impression and I'm glad I went with my instincts. They are fab!

  • Raymond H.

When I went on my 12 month honeymoon, I needed a storage unit to store my valuables. ChelseaRemovals offered the best value for money and so I went with them. I was skeptical at first but luckily they actually let you view the storage unit so that reassured me that they were reputable. After 12 months, when I came home, I picked up my things and everything was in immaculate condition. Nothing had gotten damaged - all was good. There were no hidden fees either at the end of it. I got charged the price I was quoted at the beginning. Well recommended.

  • Lorraine Wileman

Brilliant team! Excellent removal services. Great prices. I don't have any negative points to say about this company, as they performed my move brilliantly. They are experienced and very knowledgeable about the removals industry and I really appreciate it. Thanks to everyone who I dealt with and helped with my recent move - you were wonderful!

  • Deborah Clarkson

My wife and started planning our relocation a few months ago and after we had dealt with all of the necessary things like estate agents, solicitors, surveyors and property buyers and so on and so forth, we knew it was time to start hunting round in hope of finding a removals company. Finding a decent relocation company is not difficult, as I am sure that you are aware of however, finding a company that offers the right services at the right prices is no easy feat. Some people have horror stories to tell about bad relocations that they have gone through and therefore we wanted to make sure that we got it right. A friend of ours told us about Removals and although they hadn't hired them personally, they had heard good things about them. In the end I went with this option and hired Removals to help us with relocating our belongings to our new home. They were truly wonderful and I couldn't have asked for more from them! Well done and thanks to all of the team and best wishes from the both of us.

  • Ollie Reed

This is the first review that I have ever written, but I felt that I had to acknowledge the fact that I had chosen Removals for my removal and that I had had a fantastic relocation with this company. I am a single mum who has two children to look after, so I needed a company that I could rely on for when I came to relocate. This company made relocating easy on me and the children and the move didn't interfere with my working life either, so I was able to carry on as normal. This company is excellent and the team of staff was wonderful too. Thank you so much for giving me a great value move that didn't cause me any inconvenience.

  • Sharron A.

Removal Firm is the best company to choose and I would not think of hiring any other firm if I find myself in the position where I am relocating again. I would definitely recommend this company to you and to anyone who is relocating now or in the future. Brilliant team of staff, low prices and great services - what else could you want?!

  • Patrick

It's rare to find a company that is good through and through. But ChelseaRemovals has been excellent from beginning to end. Everything is done so professionally, and the customer service is unlike any other I have known. They are so helpful and answer any questions you have. They don't tell you what you want to hear like some superficial companies that are just after your money. They tell it how it is. I like that about them. They're honest. Thank you so much ChelseaRemovals for moving me to my house. Keep up the good work!

  • Paul

Yesterday, my husband and I moved with our two young children to our new home in the city. We hired Moving Chelsea to move our things. With two demanding kids, lots of toys and lots more boxes, I thought this move would be a complete nightmare, but it actually wasn't that bad and that's all thanks to Moving Chelsea. The removal men entertained our kids and that was nice to see and even though the kids were running around like crazy, the guys worked around them and were just so kind to them. It was lovely.

  • Maria Kingston

Brilliant, high quality services. No hidden costs after your initial quote. No lies. Just a straight talking, honest and really hard working bunch of people. Thanks for all the help.

  • Jean Sanders

This team are lovely and so helpful, but above all they do what they say. Excellent prices and really good services.

  • Tina

I am a business owner and was looking for a company to relocate my employees to their new work location. The move came about pretty last minute, but it didn and rsquo;t matter as and nbsp;Moving Chelsea assured me that they were capable of handling any type of last minute or future removal project. I wanted everything to go well because it was my employees moving and ndash; not me. When you are finding a removals company on behalf of a group of other people you need to be sure that nothing is going to go wrong. To my satisfaction, and nbsp;Moving Chelsea were honest, efficient and on time. There were no business related issues caused as a result of the relocation and more importantly, my employees were able to move without any problems.

  • Chris Branton

I would recommend and nbsp; Moving Firm to anyone who is looking for a reputable and reliable removals team who you can trust. The company offers a wide range of services so that they meet the needs and requirements of every client. I was very pleased with my move and the removal services overall were top quality. I don and rsquo;t plan to relocate again but if I do I will know who to hire!

  • Teresa Wilson

I want to send my thanks to Removal Firm for the fast and prompt service they provided. I used them 2 days ago and they finished my storage removal in less than 2 hours. Thank you once again for the quick and efficient service.

  • Y. Kassels

The movers from Moving Firm were just great! I couldn't be happier! They worked very hard and carefully making sure all of my valuable items were well wrapped and were also very careful not to scratch my furniture or walls. They were real professionals!

  • P. Obrien

The Moving Chelsea crew arrived at my home on time and got the job done in a hurry. It was a bit strange for me to use a group for moving, but it turned out very well. All of my things were carefully protected and delivered safely. Thank you!

  • P. Ray

Moving Chelsea provided my family with a great service. From the packing to the loading and unloading of my possessions the movers were fantastic. They followed my directions and put everything where I wanted it in my new house. Thank you very much!

  • K. Tarsen

I had to move from my old flat recently and I started to search for a good company to help me. I contacted more than 15 companies and the only one which contacted me back that same day was Removal Firm . Their rep explained everything about the process and gave me some very useful tips. On the day of my move everything went smoothly and the moving men were ready earlier than the estimated time. If I need removal services again, I know where to call!

  • M. Marcos

My moving experience with Moving Chelsea was fantastic. The movers were fast and efficient. They followed all of my directions and delivered every piece of my furniture in perfect shape. I will definitely use their company again.

  • P. Tata

I want to say thank you Moving Chelsea for helping me with my house removal. Your team was just great - friendly, well-equipped and hard-working. I couldn't ask for more. I would recommend your services to anyone without hesitation or doubts!

  • I. Anghier

I don't usually write reviews, but this time I am making an exception because Moving Chelsea is the best company I have ever dealt with. This was our first move and we did a lot of searching to find the best moving company. They are prompt, kind and dependable. Best regards!

  • G. Litcott

I am 100% certain that I will use the great services of ChelseaRemovals again. They were like a lifesaver for me because I needed to move on such a short notice and they were the only ones who fitted me into their schedule so quickly. Thank you once again for the great job!

  • K. Colons

My relocation with Removals was better than I have ever expected. Their team of movers were strong and courteous. Alan from their customer support office was always available and answered all of my questions. Great company!

  • G. Kartasjov

I needed a mover to help my mom move from her old flat to a new house within London. I called ChelseaRemovals because I read they were located near my place. Wendy was so kind the whole time and the crew she sent were hard-working and skilled. Best Regards!

  • F. Mandurta

This was the second time I use the services of Removal Firm . This is the best company I have ever dealt with for a removal. Two uniformed men showed up for my storage removal and took care of everything. I couldn't be more thankful.

  • E. De Smet

I recently used Moving Chelsea and they were awesome. The movers were very friendly and quick. They were by far the best and the most dependable. I would recommend using Moving Chelsea because they are definitely worth the price.

  • M. Jacobs

I just wanted to say thank you to the great team from Moving Chelsea. They were very careful wrapping and packing all of my items. I had a few antique pieces of furniture that I was planning to move myself, but decided to let the guys from Moving Chelsea do it. They were incredibly careful. I really like this company and I have already recommended them to a friend of mine. Thank you very much!

  • G. Alface

Removals provided me with a terrific service. They were all prompt and polite. I had a long distance move, including packing. The crew were even careful with my walls not to scratch them. My items arrived in excellent shape. I think I grabbed a bargain. Thank you very much once again!

  • Derek Parfit

I want to thank the great moving team of Moving Chelsea for helping me with my move yesterday. I was impressed by how fast these men were. They packed everything in no time and at the end one of them wanted to make sure that everything was padded properly before loading stuff on the truck. This was the first company which took such great care of my belongings. I will definitely use their services again!

  • T. Didier

Removals did an amazing job for my father helping him move into a new 1-bedroom house. They did everything for him and made the day hassle-free for me too. I would recommend their services to anyone.

  • F. Mends

Thank you very much, ChelseaRemovals, for all the great help. Thanks for the fast delivery too. If needed I will contact your office again. I would also recommend your company to all of my friends!

  • P. Ellery

I had a long distance move and was very nervous about it, but thanks to Removals everything went perfectly. The moving crew were polite and respectful. Best Regards!

  • F. Mukhopadhyay

I chose the services of Removals based on their reputation on the Internet. I contacted their office and Alan, their representative, was very polite and answered all of my questions. The whole moving process went quite smoothly. I will definitely use their services again! Best Regards.

  • Peter Stockton

I read all of the comments before I decided to call and actually use the moving services of Moving Chelsea. I am so glad that people can share their experience here. At first I was scared to trust these reviews, but after I called their office and Maria, a representative at there, explained the whole process to me, I felt like I contacted the right company. The moving crew were on time. They were prepared for everything and got the job done quickly. Great company!

  • C. Warren

My moving experience with ChelseaRemovals was wonderful. They were the only ones to fit me into their next day's schedule, which was the most important issue for me. At the end of the day my belongings were delivered in good shape. I won't hesitate to use them again.

  • Y. Woolnoth

I had to move as soon as possible. It was a local move, but still I had a lot of stuff. I was pretty nervous about the whole moving process and I had never dealt with moving companies before. I didn't know what to expect. I had called so many companies, but none of them could fit me into their schedule, except ChelseaRemovals. I am very grateful to this company, because I am in my new flat and all my belongings are here, nothing is missing or damaged. Thank you!

  • C. Grahn

Following a recommendation we have just been moved from Norway to Italy by Removals. Their moving men were very efficient and extremely polite. Thank you very much for the huge help. Strongly recommended!

  • L. Gerber

I had to move on very short notice, so I started calling as many companies as I could to ask them to fit me into their schedule. Nobody even called me back, except Removals. Within two days they sent their moving crew who were very polite, wrapped my things very well and did the whole move really fast. This company was a lifesaver for me. Thank you very much!

  • G. Acosta

We used ChelseaRemovals services last February and I couldn't be more pleased with them. This is one of the best removal companies in London. The moving crew were kind and strong enough to move all of our furniture without a problem. After all, this is the most important thing to get the job done without any problems. I had no damage and no scratches.

  • H. Anderson

It was my first move so I had a lot of questions and concerns, which is why I first want to thank the representative from Removals for being there every time I called and answering all of my questions. This company really made my moving day less stressful. I even think that this was the easiest part, because I had no problems, either with the moving company or with my belongings. Thank you very much.

  • B. Miah

We used Moving Chelsea first in 2009 and we were happy with their services. We have just moved again this year and used them again. I have to say they were even better this time. They treated all of our possessions with care and the whole process went very smoothly. I highly recommend them.

  • L. Finnigan

ChelseaRemovals moved us from Manchester to Scotland in May and we were very pleased with their services. Their moving men did everything instead of us. All the communication was excellent. We will definitely use them again if needed. Thank you once again.

  • M. Sarin

I have used ChelseaRemovals three times now and I am happy with their services as always. The whole move was very well organized by their professional team and there were no damages. Once again, thank you!

  • D. Pennington

I had a last minute move and I on the phone searching for company to help me the whole morning. Finally Removals were the ones who listened to me while I was in a panic and they told me they would do everything to find me at least one or two men from their crew to help me with my move. In one hour they called me back to ensure me that a man from their company was coming. It was a big relief for me to have help, because he was so fast and patient with me the whole time. I want to send many thanks to him and all the people who work for Removals. You were a lifesaver for me.

  • S. Gorney

I have used Removals four times and every time I am more satisfied with their services. I have a 3-year-old son and he was running around the whole time near the Removals movers, but instead of getting annoyed they even played a bit with him. Really nice guys and very friendly. They did all the packaging and loading. Their manager from the call center is always there for me if I have any questions. Thank you very much, I am recommending your company to all of my friends.

  • Laura Hawland

I had a very good experience moving from London to Rotterdam with Removal Firm . I hired them to pack and transfer all of my belongings. The final price I received from them was one of the most competitive. They even added insurance to the package. I was satisfied with the customer support I received from their office in London as well. Many thanks to their team!

  • E. Collert

I just wanted to take a moment to write about my move yesterday with ChelseaRemovals, because it was an excellent experience. Because of my job, I've moved across the country 8 times in the past 10 years. It was my first time using your moving services and I'm amazed with the professional attention I received. The two movers who came from the company had paid attention to every detail, qualities that you don't find too often. Please let the team know that everything was perfect, and I will recommend ChelseaRemovals to friends and family, and will definitely use your company again.

  • Herberto Diaz

This company did a wonderful job moving me to Dover. They were fast, efficient, and careful. Everything was covered in mats and wrapped tightly. They took down and put everything back. I will recommend them to others and definitely use them again. Thank you, ChelseaRemovals. I wish your team the best of luck.

  • L. Cressy

I have just booked an appointment for tomorrow morning with Removals. This will be my 9th time using them and I hope I will be pleased as always. Unfortunately my problem now is that I have no time to prepare my stuff for them by tomorrow, because they always arrive on time. They are a real lifesaver for me and I know I can rely on them. I am so exited to move to my new office and I will definitely share my experience with Removals again.

  • H. Lambert

The guys were so nice and friendly the whole time. I bought them coffee to express my gratitude. Very efficient and very professional. I will definitely use the crew of Moving Chelsea again.

  • F. Grey

I called several removals companies but none of them offered what I needed. One of the companies even offered me to move my stuff in 3 weeks. I contacted ChelseaRemovals on Monday and they came on Tuesday. They did their job quickly and efficiently. All the work was completed by the end of the day as promised. Great company, excellent staff!

  • Y. Wilson

Moving Firm is certainly a trustworthy and dependable company. They helped me in a very difficult moment. They organized the whole process and transported all my stuff. I want to thank them for their effort.

  • D. Kennedy

I would definitely give ChelseaRemovals the title of “5-star service provider”. They actually helped me to enjoy the whole moving thing, simply because they did everything for me. The best company ever.

  • A. Torrington

I moved from Birmingham to Coventry, and I was referred to Removals by a friend. They were very friendly, helpful and speedy. I will definitely use them again!

  • I. Stubb

Last year our company had to change its location and we were really facing difficulties and wondering how we would move so much equipment and furniture in the shortest possible period. We were advised to hire Removal Firm and thank God we did because we packed very valuable information about our company and clients in those boxes. Thanks to the professionalism of the movers everything was transported safely and unharmed to the new location.

  • P. Porter

I am a student and I needed a really affordable company to help me with moving my stuff. I searched online and there were so many positive comments for Moving Chelsea, so I decided to contact them. First impression - the price was fine for me. Everything went nicely. They even had me write down which of the boxes were for the living room and which for the bedroom. Really good services.

  • S. Sleaford

My husband had a storage removal of his very important files. The overall move took less time than he expected because of their efficiency. The company name was Moving Firm and they satisfied my husband. We will definitely use them again.

  • B. Churmond