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Tips for Hiring Office Removal Companies

Home removals and relocations are very different from corporate relocations. If your business is shifting to another address, you will most definitely require the services of professional packing and moving teams to help you through the transition. When it comes to domestic moves, there is an equal set of pros and cons for moving on your own or hiring a professional to get it done for you. However, when it comes to moving a corporate organization, nine out of ten times, it makes more sense to go in for a professional movers team.

If you have a small office or a home business that you are now moving to a new location, you might be able to pull off the move on your own. With medium and large-sized businesses, however, there is no end to the amount of office supplies, furniture and equipment and only professional removal experts can take care of these properly.

The first step in looking for a good corporate removal team is to ask industry friends and associates. If you know a business that has recently shifted addresses and is happy with the service they used, you can ask for a reference. Ask around and note down any names and contact details that people may recommend to you.

You can also contact established moving companies known for their expertise with home removals and ask them if they offer corporate removal services as well. Most well known movers actually operate across a variety of niches, and generally handle all kinds of removals, so you should be able to find one that will fit the bill. It is important, though, that you get some references and proof of past experience with corporate removals as these differ greatly from domestic removals and a few field-specific techniques are required.

You need to find a company that has equipment especially suited for large and heavy objects. Most businesses have a lot of furniture, a lot of heavy panelling and wood items and a fair number of big appliances such as electricity generators and invertors, refrigerators, air conditioners and so on. Removing them from their fixtures, bringing them down to the vehicle if your office is not on the ground floor and being able to carry and fit them in the new location all requires a fair deal of equipment and tools.
Offices usually have items that are much heavier, larger and more expensive than things found around the house- hence, they need to be handled with more care and precision than your average domestic removal. This is only possible if the team is outfitted with the right kind of gear.

Under no circumstance should you hire a company for corporate removals that does not offer insurance. Office supplies include expensive goods such as a wide range of electronic goods and gadgets, expensive furniture, appliances, glassware, art and framed items. You cannot afford to have anything damaged or lost along the way. When it comes to office removals, you must work with a company that offers an insurance cover that is of some significant benefit should there be any unfortunate event and your things are damaged.

For office removals, try to get an hourly-billing rate. There is usually so much to be packed and moved that if you go by the standard practice of calculating costs on the basis of how much needs to be moved, you will end up spending a lot of money. Hourly billing allows the service providers to be paid for the work they do while you don't get completely ripped off. When you sign the contract, make sure all the other costs such as those for the packaging material, are included in the contract.