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Is A Stress-Free Move Possible?

We can’t guarantee that moving won’t cause you some element of stress however we can advise on the ways to help reduce that stress, and who knows you may actually have a stress-free move! The following advice is for anyone thinking about moving but maybe doesn’t have the courage to go through the upheaval of it all or for those who are already planning to move sometime soon. Top 4 tips for a stress-reducing move! Tip 1 careful planning is a priority!Start to plan you move as soon as possible, whether you have an actual date or not it doesn’t really matter, there are still things that you can begin  doing straight away. When planning a move a TODO list is a good way to start, write down all the things you need to do, such as changes of address, telling schools, hiring a man and van etc and tick them off as you go along. Tip 2 De-clutter!Start by de-cluttering your house and getting rid of things you no longer need as the less stuff you have, the less stuff you need to move. Start at a room at a time and go through everything deciding what you would like to keep, what you could maybe sell, what you would like to give away to family, friends or charity and what is only good for the rubbish tip. If you consider yourself to be a hoarder then is particular vital. Trying to move a vast amount of stuff will only increase your stress however you may find parting with some of those long treasured items rather stressful too so prepare yourself for it and if you feel a sense of attachment to a particular item then keep it, this is about reducing stress, not adding to it.Moving into a new home with less clutter is the perfect way for starting fresh, you will appreciate the amount of space you now have and it allows extra room for adding those new touches to a new home, providing that you don’t repeat old habits by collecting things again.If you are downsizing which many people do, particularly elders then de-cluttering is extremely important as you will not have the space to house all of that stuff anymore. Tip 3) Make the move happen!Now that we are clutter free it may be a good idea to start considering how the move is going to happen. Once you have an actual removal date, you can start looking for removal companies to hire and maybe even book it.Search for good removal firms, lookout for the ones others would recommend and make a note of possible ones before you call. Once you have a list of a few different firms you can call and ask for a quote, take note of the quotes given and use to try and get the better deal. Once you have found a good company with affordable rates you can book the date for removal. It’s best to book early to avoid disappointment. You want to be able to move on the date you are given! If a deposit has to be paid, make sure that you do not later change your mind as it could result in you forfeiting that cost. Tip 4) pack up early!It’s never too early to start packing; you can pack up anything that is hardly used as soon as possible and store them away ready. Nearer the time you can start packing up those things you use more regularly but remember to label all boxes just in case you need to find something.