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How to Help Your Dog Accommodate to the New Place after Moving Home

Animals are very different and at the same time very similar to people. They have feelings, can be joyful and sad, only that they express these things in another way, which is not verbal.

  Relocations are stressful for everyone, including animals. You may have done everything right which includes the papers, vaccination and the luggage prepared for the travelling. Still you can not get rid of your worries and the feeling that your dog has been too anxious and it does not goes easy with the settling.

  It is wide known fact that dogs go a little better with changes than the cats do, so you can consider yourself as a lucky person if you are a dog owner. Still you may need few tricks to help your best friend amongst the animals feel better at the new place.

  The most important aspect of the life of a dog is to have its territory. When it will not discover one it will feel very bad. You may find it very funny, but talking to the dogs and preparing them for the change is very important. You will be pretty surprised how much animals understand, and especially this one. Surely we do not want you to think that dogs will get your every word. What they understand is your tone and when it is calm they get less scary. Also animals in general and pets in specific copy the mood and the emotions of their owners. So it is once again all up to you to manage with the situation. You have to train yourself to stay clam and cool so you will transfer this to your dog.

  Pets are also pretty much like children. It will be best if they have their favorite toys, blankets and everything that keeps them confident during the whole time close and easy to reach.

  The routine with the walks have to continue. The only difference will be that at least for few weeks it will be very important not to unleash the dog. You risk too much by doing so. The pet may get scared and run away. Or it may get aggressive from the fact that it is on a new place and attack a person. It is good for its own safety as well, because it can be hit by a car or attacked from another dog. When you feel the dog is ok with the new situation you can find a place where you can take off the leash and let it run free.

  The idea for leaving the dog alone inside the new place from the first day may not be so good. Remember that the location is new for it both from in and outside. Things can get really messy when the animal feels alone and threatened at the apartment when you are at work. For this and many other situations you may find the help of a pet sitter very helpful, so be sure you have one recommended or you find one straight after you come to the new place. These services are charged per hour. Of course it may cost you a little extra money, but it will worth it. You can ask the sitter to slowly decrease the hours spent with your dog until it is ready to stay all alone. Changes are best accepted while made slowly without no stress and no bad situations. Be sure that you will have success if you follow these simple tricks.