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House Removals Made Easy

Moving house is incredibly stressful but there are things you can do to make it a little less worrying. For anyone who is considering moving home anytime soon it’s better to be prepared for a little hustle and bustle however there are things you can do to make it a little easier. Here are my top tips for house removals made easy, Tip 1) PlanningAlways plan right ahead, it does not matter if you’re not planning on making the move until another 8 months or so, as long as you know that the move is going ahead it’s never too early to start preparing! Tip 2) where to startNow that you have got it set in stone that the move is going ahead you may as well begin by having a good clear out. To be honest it doesn’t really matter if the move fell through, a clear out is always a good way of making space and of course it’s mentally distressing too, which is always a good thing! Tip 3) PrioritisePrioritise those goods that you desperately need over those that you can live without. Don’t throw out anything that is worth a sale because been as you have lots of time before the move, you may as well  try and make a bit of money off those items that you don’t really use anymore. Failing this you could take your unwanted items to charity! Tip 4) shop around for hire companiesStart looking for removal vans, man and van hire and haulage companies to get ahead of yourself by being knowledgeable of what’s out there. However do not book up straight away, instead use this extra time to collect quotes whilst you bargain for a good deal. 6 months before the move is about the earliest you need to book and it may be beneficial booking this early purely based on the fact that you could get an early booking discount but not all companies will offer you this, so you will have to ask if they do! Tip 5) Move on a weekdayWeekdays are the least stressful days to move because most people work and the roads are often quieter; this may also be good for those who are moving to a busy street that is often full of parked cars because during the week it could be easier to find a parking space. Ideally it’s better to have the removal van as close to the property as can be! It’s also cheaper to hire the services of house removals when booking during the week and you could save a bob or two by doing so, bonus! Tip 6) energy suppliersSort out your gas and electricity as soon as possible if left you could wind up paying a previous tenant’s bill or worse have to go without it for a day or so, which is not an ideal situation to be in when you first move in to a new home! Tip 7) organise by importanceWhen you move into your new home don’t stress about it all looking perfect straight away, prioritise which room are the more important like the kitchen and bedroom for example. If your kitchen is set up at least you can cook and make a drink and if your bedroom is sorted and the bed is put up at least you can get some more deserved rest, and not doubt you will need it! Everything else can wait and be sorted out as and when you get round to it.Moving house does not have to be stressful; however we wouldn’t recommend doing it every day!