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Estate Agents in Tufnell Park

Finding yourself the best estate agent is essential, a good estate agent can help to take much of the stress and work out of moving home, they will help to make the move much easier for you and can advise you on things you are unsure of. Estate agents are there to help you to either buy or sell your property, for can help you to sell your current property and buy a new one. There are a number of Estate Agents in Tufnell park to choose from, make sure you do your research and choose the best estate agent for you. These estate agents will usually work on a commission basis and therefore it works in their best interests to sell property for as high a price as possible, this will work in your advantage when you are selling your home, but not if you are buying a new home and want to pay as little as possible. There are an array of benefits to hiring an estate agent rather than trying to sell or buy your home yourself:•    Estate agents are experienced and qualified in the art of negotiation, and hiring an estate agent is likely to get you more for your property.  They are able to use persuasion tactics on buyers and sellers to get thing to work in the favour of the estate agent, and so they may be able to help you to secure your new property a bit easier. •    Estate agents have a large database of contacts and contact details other companies who are related to the property market, this means that they often have access to properties that haven’t yet been put on the market.•    Some estate agents are able to offer relocation services which you may find very useful if you are moving to another part of the UK that you are not familiar with.  They can help you to find a home, register at schools, doctors and dentists, they can take you on a tour of your new area to help you get used to where you will be living, as well as providing you with local information.Whilst there are a number of benefits to using an estate agent, there are also some down sides and things to be wary of:•    Estate agents are almost always working with their best interests in mind, and some estate agents are not afraid of being dishonest, manipulative and generally looking after themselves.  Things that estate agents have been known to do is get someone to call them while they are viewing a home and pretend this is another couple who are really interested in the property, to try to scare you into making a quick offer. •    in order to secure you as a client, an estate agent has been known to overvalue the price of your property, and claim they can get more for it than they know they will actually be able too.  To make this look more realistic they will pretend that they have sold similar properties in the area for high values.  Another way they may try to secure you as a client is by offering to supply fake documentation so that you can be grated a mortgage. •    Estate agents don’t always take photo’s of the property, sometimes they use photo’s from a similar property.  If they do use actual photos there is a chance that these photos may have been amended to make the property look nicer, for example getting rid of unsightly things in the background of the property. •    Estate agents may use pressuring techniques to push for a higher price.  Alternatively they may sell the property cheaply to someone that they know.